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Easter is a time of year that every child looks forward to, the sun starts to shine, the daffodils bloom and the staff have to spend hours making paper mache eggs for the children to decorate. Who could deny those little faces though. 

     eggs group1.jpg 

eggs1.jpg  Easter egg basket1.jpg  basket biscuits1.jpg 

Easter is also the time of the Easter egg hunt, now I will not lie to you, some children were disappointed when they realised they had to look for cardboard ones but they all got in to the spirit of things in the end. In fact its still being requested now!

   Blythe Easter egg hunt1.jpg    Amalia, Easter egg hunt1.jpg 

       Louis Easter egg hunt1.jpg  

Flower Power 

Luckily Country Childcare has the countryside on its door step and in our back fields there are so many things to learn about. We did a little project on wild flowers and many lessons were learnt, firstly, when blowing on a dandelion always blow and never inhale and secondly, we have A LOT of children that like butter, buttercups never lie! 


   dandiilion11.jpg  will and seb dandy1.jpg

                       oliver dandy blow1.jpg  

 DSC_0105 (2)1.jpgtilly buttercup1.jpgButtercup1.jpg  

Spring in our step! 

Yes Spring is here and we have been seeing a glimpse of the sun. We have a few projects linked with this but to start off with we are learning about lambs. Once again we are lucky enough to be able to go and visit them on our little walks. We are confident that our screams of joy and constant impersonations will become endearing to them and not be quite so scary.  

3 sheep look out.jpg     3 sheep look out1.jpg  

        sheep suckling1.jpg   sammy sheep1.jpg  

         Lucas, sheep1.jpg