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​​​​Past Projects 

We are constantly working on different themes and projects from ABC and counting to nature, how things grow, pets or even themes such as pirate week. Here are some examples of just a few themes and projects that we have done in the past.

The Egg-citing project. 

If you have been to our site before you may have seen our past duckling project. Sadly our duck numbers have declined over the years as they have gone on "holiday" with the fox and the kids loved it so much last time we decided it was a good time to do it again in 2013. 


P1070705.JPG                        P1070725.JPG   

The first step was to find some eggs, luckily we had a good detective team on the case. Next we put the eggs in the incubator and it became a waiting game...until one day there was a little tapping noise and look what followed. 

DSCN0759.JPG     P1040108.JPG    DSCN0766.JPG 

cheap cheap.jpg     duck stable.jpg

​​​Now we have 3 healthy ducks named Cheap Cheap, Shelldon and Peakin (this one has a slight eye problem so quite an apt name).

Bug Bingo and Hunt 

We love to go on an adventure and explore the fields and gardens that we have here. There is so much to see when you start to look a little closer. 

P1030842 - Copy.jpg  P1030846 - Copy.jpg

P1030843 - Copy.jpg  

P1030848 - Copy.jpg P1030859.jpg

 I'm not sure what the bugs thought about the invasion on their homes under the rocks but needless to say no animals were injured in the making of this intrusion and all were put back safely. 

Terrific Tractors! 

Every year the local farmer comes to cut our grass in the field and the children love the tractor just as much as he does so he can't help but show it off to them. 


P1040011.jpg    P1040016.jpg


Amongst all our fun we do take education seriously although the children haven't cottoned on to this yet. Learning should be fun and we always take pride in this. 

  P1030784.jpg P1040059.jpg  P1040002.jpg 


Where do ducks come from?


In April 2008 we replenished our flock of ducks and the children followed the process right from the beginning starting with putting the eggs in the incubator. We would then check regularly to see whether they had hatched and eventually they were able to hold them, feed them and even see them take their first bath. We managed to successfully hatch 9 ducklings which are now fully grown beautiful ducks that roam our grounds. This was one of our most special projects and it was lovely to see the children so fascinated and gentle with the new additions. What can we hatch next time?

How do things grow?


We introduced a growing project and children got to plant their own herbs. They also learnt about the cylce from apple to seed and then to tree. The children love cooking and going to pick the fruit and as you can see there is a pretty good reward at the end of all that hard work and learning.


The local farmer comes to talk to the children and arrives occasionally in his tractor to impress the little ones as he is quite the show off. Sometimes he can end up answering questions about the lambs and sheep to what he's wearing that day (depending on how critical the children are feeling). 

We also embarked on an ambitious vegetable growing season and as from the pictures you can see we were quite successful. All the children got to take part, lets face it getting your hands dirty is the best part when you are a child, it's the having to eat your veggies which is the tricky bit but this was all part of our cunning plan!




When summer is done and Autumn approaches and all the vegetables have been eaten we still find a use for the leaves that are left behind. Nothing goes to waste.


In October 2011 we found ​some spooky going's on at country childcare, some odd little visitors kept turning up to say hello.



This Christams we also had a very special visit from a very important person which really created some excitement in the nursery.