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One of our biggest comments made by our parents at the end of the day is "How did you manage to get them to eat fruit and vegetables!". We know how important nutrition is to a growing child and we provide home cooked food and some cunning meals disguising all sorts of healthy vegetables. We provide both a summer and a winter menu to make the most out of the seasonal produce and changed weekly to avoid boredom and explore new flavours. Included in the fees are breakfast, lunch and tea.

Breakfast comprises of wholemeal and white toast with varying flavours of jam, marmite and plain butter, also on those cold days warm porridge is an option.

Lunch is where we work our magic with our homecooked meals. Winter menus include substantial dishes such as cottage pie, chicken fajittas (non spicey), potato and vegetable bake, lasagne and beef tacos just to name a few. During the summer months we introduce a lighter menu including cous cous dishes, chunky meditearrean vegetable pasta, cheese and vegetable slice and warm pitta breads with a choice of fillings, all summer dishes are accompanied with a variety of salads and new potatoes. Puddings are also provided ranging from yoghurts to our homemade desserts with fruit picked from the orchard.

Tea is served late afternoon and consists of finger foods such as crumpets, sandwiches, wraps, bagels etc followed by fruit, raisins and on special occasions such as birthdays and leaving parties, homemade cakes.

We love a bit of Al Fresco dining when the weather is good.